About Me

This is a pic of the little dude that made me a mama. So I guess you could say he is my first inspiration for this blog. I became a mama a few months after I turned 27 and little did I know how my life was about to be catapulted into change. Some days, oh who am I kidding, some moments I feel happiness, anxiety, joy, serenity (rare but on occasion), purpose, fear, frustration, curiosity, anger (yeah I said it), exhausted, silly, sleep deprived, hopeless, hopeful, chatty, pooped, ready to conquer the word and ready to crawl in bed all before lunch time.
I currently live in Ohio and work a few hours a week as a physical therapist.
I have also worked as a personal trainer, exercise physiologist and as a rep in the sporting goods industry.
I love to cook and improvise with new recipes, decorate my home and think of inexpensive or creative ways to make something look new and fresh.
I have been journalling since I was in fourth grade, going on about 21 years now and I just decided to take it digital y'all!
Enjoy my blog & hope it gives you some encouragement!

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